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Chapter 13. School of gardeners!


I see the garden as one of the best ways to cultivate sense of responsibility, community and teamwork, so I was especially excited to be in a garden worked by children, since I never had the opportunity to share a garden with my classmates. Maybe I wanted to remedy it, being next to what are, in my view, people privileged by having an orchard in their school and being able to learn from it.

We shared a news on our page of facebook, in which echoed a garden located in the school of Infiesto , in the Concejo de Piloña , Asturias. So we decided to get in touch with Conchi de la Iglesia, a teacher of language and hearing and responsible for the garden. I take this opportunity to thank you again for your kindness and interest in collaborating with our project.

When we went to school and met class, what most surprised Estefania and me was the concentration and calmness of the children, firstly attending Conchi’s instructions, and later in the tasks on the Orchard. Not a cry, not a bad face. Quite the opposite.

Homework, among other things, was to investigate ways to combat pests, not only to gain knowledge, but also because they really needed a remedy for the whitefly that was stalking their schoolgarden .

This picture was taken by one of the kids.

What they harvest is destined to the kitchen of the school, and come to my mind the problems that many children have had in our childhood with vegetables. Looks like If I’ve worked the garden in school, it would helped me, among many other things, to enjoy much more the flavor and variety of vegetables offered by a real organic garden like this, mostly germinated from local seeds.

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He desarrollado la mayor parte de mi carrera profesional en la producción de series documentales para las televisiones públicas de Valencia y Castilla–La Mancha. En 2008 creé mi propia productora audiovisual en la que realicé vídeos corporativos y series documentales sobre temas de sociedad, cultura y medio-ambiente. Más adelante, decido continuar mi carrera profesional en Vancouver (Canadá). Allí realizo vídeos para el movimiento internacional “Ciudades en Transición”, representado allí por Village Vancouver, en el cual se promueven formas de sostenibilidad urbana. Es aquí donde se forja la idea principal del documental, que ha evolucionado hacia esta revista audiovisual on-line sobre sobre "salud y arte" de huerta.

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