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Crowdfunding in final sprint!

If you still have not been able to, but would like to collaborate with our project, you are still on time as there are 11 days remaining. We have achieved so far € 6,980, so we have exceeded the minimum budget necessary to continue with the production of the documentary. Now we need to try to reach the optimal budget of € 9,000 to help us, among other things, to edit a didactic manual to work in schools and associations, issues related to food sovereignty and the importance of community gardens.

Here you have the link of our crowdfunding

This video was recorded thanks to Lot Amorós,, a lover of the drones, who offered to collaborate with our project. In the sequence, we can see Manuel Mateo Rodenas, one of those responsible together with Estefanía Bravo Román, for this documentary project. With the gesture of looking at the camera and lifting the hoe, we wanted to thank all those people, and collectives, who are helping us to get this project going forward.

This is only a small sample of the spectacular images we recorded that day in the orchard of La Meca in Mareo (Gijón) and we will see in the documentary.

Thanks to our crowdfunding campaign, which has 8 days to finish,, we have received the help of many people who have felt the Need to be part of our project, and in that way, contribute to projects like this, be part of the common good.

Here you have our links in social media, in case you want to get more information about the project. Thank you very much.






He desarrollado la mayor parte de mi carrera profesional en la producción de series documentales para las televisiones públicas de Valencia y Castilla–La Mancha. En 2008 creé mi propia productora audiovisual en la que realicé vídeos corporativos y series documentales sobre temas de sociedad, cultura y medio-ambiente. Más adelante, decido continuar mi carrera profesional en Vancouver (Canadá). Allí realizo vídeos para el movimiento internacional “Ciudades en Transición”, representado allí por Village Vancouver, en el cual se promueven formas de sostenibilidad urbana. Es aquí donde se forja la idea principal del documental, que ha evolucionado hacia esta revista audiovisual on-line sobre sobre "salud y arte" de huerta.

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