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Chapter 8. Biltar. Seeds keepers.

This is the reduced version of the sequence that will be part of the documentary contents.

You can find all the information about Biltar in this blog

My experience with seeds is not much, but I want to tell you a story that helped me to know the importance of knowing and caring for the seeds that we plant. One day our neighbor, Mari Carmen, came to our house, offered us five tomato plants and told us that they were native to the area and that we planted them in large pots on the front of the house, as it is the warmest place in the orchard. In Asturias it is not easy to grow organic tomatoes, because the weather forces you to have them in a greenhouse. Well, we planted the tomatoes of Mari Carmen and also planted in the greenhouse Asturian tomatoes (from another area) and Zamora’s tomatoes. During their growth, the tomatoes of the greenhouse suffered a serious illness from which they were able to recover, whereas the plants of Mari Carmen, they grew and gave their fruit healthy and saved. At the end we had a good harvest of tomatoes, but of all those tomatoes, there was one that became part of my gustatory memory, was one of the tomatoes of Mari Carmen.

Since the beginning of the idea of producing a documentary about urban gardens, we have been recording and compiling projects, until we have realized that we have material, interesting enough, to start the edition phase. But before that, with all that footage, we want to edit a first trailer of La Huerta de la Esquina, The Veggie Garden Corner, with which we intend to give an idea of what the documentary will show. From that trailer, we will start working on the crowdfunding campaign, which will help us to continue recording projects to complete the documentary.

Health for all.


He desarrollado la mayor parte de mi carrera profesional en la producción de series documentales para las televisiones públicas de Valencia y Castilla–La Mancha. En 2008 creé mi propia productora audiovisual en la que realicé vídeos corporativos y series documentales sobre temas de sociedad, cultura y medio-ambiente. Más adelante, decido continuar mi carrera profesional en Vancouver (Canadá). Allí realizo vídeos para el movimiento internacional “Ciudades en Transición”, representado allí por Village Vancouver, en el cual se promueven formas de sostenibilidad urbana. Es aquí donde se forja la idea principal del documental, que ha evolucionado hacia esta revista sobre agricultura ecológica en Asturias.

1 comment on “Chapter 8. Biltar. Seeds keepers.

  1. A mi me ha pasado algo parecido.
    He sembrado ajo y patata asturianos y el resultado ha sido muy superior (tanto en rapidez de crecimiento como en sabor y tamaño) a los que no estaban adaptados a nuestra tierra y climatología.

    Le gusta a 1 persona


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